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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cheap Skin Care Solution which works

Cocoa Butter is a good skin care product in can prevent wrinkles and stretch marks apart from replenishing the skin with lost oils due to soap use (well soap usually has sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide which strips the skin of natural oils, the skin's natural protection) it also has antioxidant properties which slows down skin aging.

Apply cocoa butter all over the body to dry skin every night after taking a bath to lock in skin moisture and keep skin elastic and less prone to cracks.

Now where to get cheap cocoa butter? I bought it in Comfoods, Pasong Tamo at around 1800 pesos per 10lbs slab well they don't sell in that quantity anymore but maybe you'll be able to convince them or you can gather a group of friends and pool money together to buy the stuff then divide it amongst yourselves. I called and they sell it per 30 kilos at 9982.50 PHP that's a pretty cheap price for a moisturizer. Ive had my supply for 2 years and I've still got a lot left. Well about the shelf life it is around 5 years.

Look for BJ Funk, Comfoods, Pasong Tamo

844 5661 local 700

or 02486752

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