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Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Links

Good day dear bloggers, I wanna create a blog that will promote all your blogs. Kung game kayo please send me your blog logo, your homepage screenshot, A thorough description of your blog, what category do you belong in business,arts,entertainment, money, travel etc etc. Then what keywords would you like me to put?

1. Logo
2. Homepage Screenshot
3. Description of the Blog and what it does.
4. Category: business, entertainment, personal etc etc.
5. Then Keywords that you like.
6. Your Target Audience: Worldwide or local

Note I'll be using blogger. =) No Rush ah.

Subject: Blog Links
mail me at


  1. I sent an email. Please Check it out.

  2. got it man i am waiting for at least 20

  3. What logo and homepage is u requiring? So sorry ha, I’m not a tech savvy...anyway...still need ur help if ur willing to give some, here's my blog url...,my blog content is a mixed of everything...some are personal, just anything that comes to my mind, I’m targeting both audience if possible...keywords...Education, licensure,teachers, Tula, life
    I’m also working for a new blog in word press; it is about music, recently i have posted about nirvana, days of grunge
    If u'll have a time to visit those blogs and left for some suggestions on improving it, am super duper appreciated it!!! Thanks in advance and god blesses u more :)

  4. if your page has a logo send it to me.
    For the screenshot press print screen then paste inside paint

  5. my goal is to increase every one's pr rating



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