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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Philippines A Good Place for Trade

The Philippines is a good access point for logistics in the Asean Region and in Asia Itself. It is smacked in the middle of a lot of Asian countries. The U.S. Military keeps close ties with Philippine government because the Philippines’ location offers easy deployment of troops anywhere n the South East Asian Region and even the whole of East Asia significantly reducing logistics cost. The same is true with trading if you are smacked in the middle of trading partners the access point from trading partner to trading partner significantly shortens which means efficient cost of transporting goods.

The only thing holding the Philippines back the previous is graft and corruption. The current government is doing a lot of reforms and investing here currently looks promising. The Philippine system is not as black and white as developed countries it can get a bit tricky working around the system but it is still doable.

Small and Medium enterprises are what would thrive in this country as SME’s are a lot more flexible than multinational corporations as the tiers of command is very short with them which means they can make decisions faster which is a requirement to move around the intricacies of the current system.

Some multinationals were able to find ways adapt by dividing the chain of command into segments which allows them to be almost as flexible as SME’s. Some of them who were able to adapt that way are also able to thrive here.  

"The Philippines is an ideal place to become an H.Q. if you want to trade in East Asia"

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